OCTOBER 28th, 2013 - By now I’m sure you have heard of Bitcoin, but it always had a steep learning curve and required large investments to really get heavily involved. WorkForCrypto.com has changed that. Now there is an easy way for anyone and everyone to both use and earn crypto currencies

WorkForCrypto makes it easy to earn coins using the skills you already have. No need for large mining operations or huge investments. It only takes a few seconds to sign up and post your first job offer to earn a crypto equivalent of $5 or more. Trading these coins for your country currency of choice is only a few clicks away via Coinbase.com

Help us show you how simple it has become by visiting us at WorkForCrypto.com – Within minutes you will see the value and simplicity that is the crypto currency movement.  Tickets is now fully functional. Devcoin will be added next, followed by Spots and Copper Bars, and BTC will also be available only for withdrawals

Welcome to the future 

Older News
OCTOBER 18th, 2013 – TODAY is the day that we release some more Tickets information. We don’t post official updates very often because those only come when something big is happening, but here it is. I would like to take a moment first to congratulate the Tickets development team, as well as the community for already peaking $100,000 USD network market cap in the first month. Great growth and we look forward to seeing it continue across the globe

The first project nearing completion is WorkForCrypto; the newest method of earning Spots, Copper Bars, and Tickets without mining. No more high energy bills, hot mining rooms if you don’t want them and less of an impact on the environment

When I originally started my carpet cleaning company, we had found a great website that helped us spread the word about our goods and services. The potential for this site goes perfectly with the ideology of crypto currencies. We help each other out for a good price, only this time the payments are free from fiat. WorkForCrypto will offer the same service exclusively using Spots, Copper Bars, and Tickets as payment. We will not allow anything against any United States law. These include, but are not limited to computer hacking or network disturbance, drugs, weapons, tobacco, and any other form of illegal paraphernalia of any kind. This rule will be very strictly enforced with a very firm no tolerance policy. One strike you're out

WorkForCrypto will allow users to both buy and sell their goods and services on a fast, secure platform with reviews left by users themselves to weed out the bullshit. We will be very tough on scammers and people found guilty of not performing their end of the agreement will be dealt with as needed. Buy and sell with confidence knowing there is security and support in place to protect both parties involved. Support will be available to assist with customer needs

This is not a web shop. It is a way for members of the crypto currency community to use their skills helping others who need something quick, cheap, easy, and of high quality. Our no bullshit policy will weed out the bad apples for safe transactions

WorkForCrypto.com Now Launched
iGotSpots, LLC welcomes Tickets
TIX Info
Ports  7997-7998
Block Time 32 seconds
First reward halving at 32,000,000,000
Max moneysupply 100,000,000,000
No premine | Fair Launch

Source:  github.com/LotteryTickets
Windows: iGotSpots.com/tix-windows.rar
GPU Miner: iGotSpots.com/tix-gpu.rar

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