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This video will teach you above wicking
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This video helps get dry candle wax out
How to remove wax from your carpet
Cleans the toughest spots and stains
Effective on high-traffic areas

Get rid of unsightly stains with this carpet cleaner from Got Spots. This unscented formula treats problem areas and spills or tough stains without requiring you to clean the entire carpet. Increase carpet life and keep looking great between professional cleanings

Effective Cleaning
This carpet cleaner handles the toughest stains, including stains caused by red wine, food, grease, and coffee. It is also ideal for cleaning high-traffic areas throughout your home. Permanently Removes Tough Set in Stains: red wine, coffee, tea, gravy, pet stains like urine, vomit and feces, cola, fruit juice, and motor oil Permanently removes tough pet odor which will discourage pets from resoiling the same area over and over again

Versatile Use
This stain remover can be used on wool and nylon carpets, as well as on stain-resistant carpets. Can be used in a Rug Doctor, Bissel, Green Machine, Kirby, or any other carpet cleaning machine to extend the life of your carpets and keep them in top shape. Works on more than just carpet! Works great when used on all types of carpet, including wool, nylon, acrylic and stain resistant carpet. Leaves carpet safe for children and pets when used as directed. Also works amazingly on any spots, spills, or stains on your furniture and any mess you, your kids or pets get on your clothes
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